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Live Tours, Esports and Theatre Driving Convergence in Moving Head Pro Lighting/Consoles, Media Servers, LED Displays and Pro Loudspeakers

Professional Lighting Market Analysis and Commentary

07 January 2020 - The moving head professional lighting (MHPL) and lighting console markets hit $1.6 billion globally in 2018 and nearly $1.7 billion in 2019. Volume growth is outstripping value, due to a competitive vendor landscape with widening portfolios of lighting fixtures, according to a new report from Futuresource Consulting.

“Futuresource’s Pro-AV team, which sizes and evaluates the moving head professional lighting/lighting console, LED displays and pro loudspeakers sectors, highlights a 10% global sell-in value increase from 2018-2019, up to $7 billion in 2019, in the verticals where this equipment crosses over,” comments Jeremy Wills, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting.

“As pricing has fallen, LED displays are in huge demand across a wide range of verticals, with value in the combined stadiums/venues, hospitality/leisure, broadcast and corporate/government sectors set to rise by 11% in 2019 to $3.2 billion worldwide.”

Live touring has become an essential form of revenue generation for artists in this era of music streaming, and consequently more competitive. Concerts have evolved into more elaborate events in terms of effects and staging to provide more ‘bang for the buck’ for customers paying higher prices for tickets, ($96 per ticket on average globally in 2019, according to Statista, up 23% from 2011).

“From a visual perspective, this means rising demand for moving head pro lighting, LED walls and/or projection mapping onto transparent banners in front of a band,” adds Wills. “It also contributed to the global pro loudspeaker value rise in 2019, up 8% to $2.1 billion in the touring & rental, installed leisure & installed commercial verticals.”

This wider LED display, projection & media server usage extends to the exploding esports sector, with the number of tournaments at dedicated venues and other locations growing massively in North America, Europe and APAC especially.

Live theatre is also keen to embrace new technology and there is rising demand for a higher number of MHPL units per show, to complement existing fixed head lighting, as well as an upturn in the use of LED displays and/or mapped projection in this vertical.

These verticals/sub-verticals are also driving rental and fixed-install channel demand for pro camcorders, network switchers and media servers, along with LED displays, projectors, MHPL, lighting consoles and pro audio equipment, as requirements for networking this equipment in these major music & esports events or stage productions grow.

However, with budgets static in the theatrical vertical, and in wider verticals, and production managers and technical directors keeping a tighter hold on purse strings over the last 10 years in particular, this more recent incremental demand for LED displays, mapped projection and media servers, as well as a higher volume of MHPL per event, is squeezing spend on pro audio and MHPL/C, pushing back up the value chain to vendors and above and impacting on ASP and margins.

Futuresource’s recently published report reviews the global Moving Head Professional Lighting/Lighting Console (MHPL/C) markets, to complement Futuresource’s wider Pro Audio, Pro Displays and Projection tracking.

The report highlights:

  • Volume and value growth from 2018-2019
  • The volume and value outlook for 2020 to 2023, globally, by key region and type of MHPL, or Console
  • The competitive situation for MHPL/C vendors in 2018
  • The market drivers:
    • Geographical
    • Channels (Rental, Fixed-Install)
    • Verticals (Theatrical, Live Staging, Installed Leisure, Amusement Parks, Convention Centres, Houses of Worship, Large Corporates, Broadcast/Filming, Architainment)
    • Technology (Light Source, Type of Light, Digital GOBOs)
    • Innovation: for example, the opportunities Laser-based MHPL fixtures may offer Lighting Designers moving forwards.

This MHPL/C market report will be complemented by MHPL/C feedback research with 200 decision makers/budget holders at rental/fixed-install end-user companies and institutions, across all verticals in the USA, China, UK, France & Germany.

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