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A Renaissance of Interest in Projection Technology To Sustain the Industry's Value Longer-Term as the Mainstream Volume Market Continues to Tumble

Projection Market Analysis and Commentary

21 Aug 2019 - Futuresource Consulting, the leaders for 20 years in projector market tracking, forecasts that the worldwide projector market (excluding Screenless TV) will hit 6.7m units in 2019, a decline of 8% ‘YoY’.

The projector market is battling several factors: diminishing replacement demand; rising adoption of flat panel displays in the core applications (education and corporate) and high penetration rates.

2019’s performance has also been compounded by the national elections in India and Indonesia, as as well as macro-economic issues in several countries, including Mexico. 2019 also follows the substantial promotional activity driven by the 2018 World Cup.

Senior Market Analyst, Claire Kerrison, comments: “The factors impacting the mainstream projector market in 2019 are not new, they are just more acute. It’s also important to note that they are no longer being masked by the volume growth in China, which has helped to prop-up the industry’s global performance over the last few years...”

The global projector market (excluding Screenless TV) is expected to decline 2.3% CAGR in volume 2019 – 2023, but growth stories will remain: “Whilst the mainstream market will continue to fall, the installation space is set to experience sustained growth, with 6k+ lmn volumes rising 20% CAGR 2019-2023. The advent of solid-state illumination has sparked a renaissance of interest in projection technology within installation applications. This, coupled with advances in software, is driving new vertical opportunities – namely architectural mapping, immersive experiences, even signage…” Kerrison explains.

The long-term growth of high-end products will help to sustain market value over the forecast period, rising 1% CAGR 2019-2023.
“The mainstream volume market may be in decline but the industry’s value will be maintained longer-term. Projection technology is not dead – far from it. Its inherent flexibility and creative potential is now being exploited by Entertainment verticals to a greater extent than ever before. Beyond the installation applications, the rapid emergence of the Screenless TV market in China also highlights that the technology can be re-imagined to gain widespread traction among millennials…” Kerrison adds.


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