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The Global Interactive Displays Market Smashes Q1 2015 Records - Interactive Flat Panels Own Half the Lion Share

K-12 Education Spend Market Analysis and Commentary

05 May 2015 - Futuresource Consulting has released its latest K12 education technology report exploring the opportunities and global value of the classroom technology hardware market, which reached $14.9 billion in 2014, a 16% increase on 2013. This report gives a global snapshot of how 2014 fared, identifying the technologies that have gained the most traction in the classroom, as well as which regions grew the fastest.

The report provides a macro view of the education technology spend, globally and regionally, focusing on three core areas and 14 different products: 

  • Classroom Displays - Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Interactive Flat Panel (IFPD), Interactive Projectors (IP), Standard Projectors and Attachment Devices
  • Mobile PCs - Notebooks, Chromebooks, Netbooks and Tablets
  • Complementary Devices - Visulisers, Lectern Panels, Voice Amplification, Voting Systems, and Slate/Tablets


"The education sector is an exciting space and has a vast potential for vendors and services, 26.6 million mobile computers, including 11 million tablets were purchased in 2014 with more than 5 million classroom displays sold," Mike Fisher, Associate Director Education Technology, Futuresource Consulting. "From a regional perspective the Americas accounted for 48% of global spend with EMEA dropping slightly to 23%. We are expecting the market value to reach US$16.3 billion by 2019, representing a 'CAGR' of 8.5%. 

The report also provides information regarding Ed Tech hardware investment programs taking place around the world including the details, timelines and a Futuresource assessment as to the likelihood are also discussed.


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