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1 Million Interactive Flat Panel Display Sales in 2016 Globally - Corporate Market is Boosted by Microsoft, Google and Cisco

Corporate Flat Panel Market Analysis and Commentary

23 Feb 2017 - Interactive Flat Panels * (IFPDs) continued to be a considerable success in 2016 in the education and corporate markets. By Q4, 68% of all interactive display sales were IFPDs. The growth has been prodigious, with a CAGR of 59% from 2013 to 2016 and growth is forecast to continue. The interactive whiteboard (IWB), the original technology, is in decline. However, combined the two technologies contributed to 1.6 million displays in 2016. US had a 24% annual volume growth, value grew by 36% with rapid transition to larger size IFPDs, half of sales are now over 70". Over 2/3rds of US classrooms now have an interactive display and the level of growth is forecast to continue.

This market has previously been dominated by suppliers who had originally developed their products to service education markets, designed for teacher's daily use. To date, uptake of interactive displays in the corporate sector has been limited. Many corporates have criticised solutions, as over engineered for corporate markets, where users are much less likely to use the technology regularly, so need increased simplicity. With an almost untapped market of 32 million corporate meeting rooms globally and well under one million displays installed to date, the opportunity is significant.

The entrance to the market of global tech giants, Microsoft, Google and Cisco is changing the industry dynamic. These providers are leveraging their existing infrastructure and collaboration solutions, to bring a completely new value proposition to market. The new entrants are promoting simple 'all-in-one' meeting room solutions. They can easily create, using touch-interactivity, share content amongst attendees (both remotely and in-room) and call via voice or video. Embedded cameras, speakers and sophisticated microphones encourage a high quality interaction as well as easy set-up and continuous workflow. These displays have innovative features such as automatic switch-on when someone approaches or one-touch switch-on. The corporate market is expected to reach 500,000 annual sales by 2021.

New interactive touch technologies such as FlatFrog InGlass technology is used by, at least, five major brands and provides a very impressive and highly accurate touch experience. Dell, NEC and HiteVision have all added the technology to their high-end ranges. Projective Capacitive (PCAP) technology, often found in the mobile device industry, is also starting to appear, Microsoft's Surface Hub and Cisco's Spark Board both have PCAP. With no frame, as the glass goes to the edge, it provides better aesthetics as well as high accuracy and faster speed of writing. 

Many have embedded PCs so they become stand-alone devices, such as the Microsoft Surface Hub that also integrates existing Microsoft platforms such as Office, Skype and One Note. There are many other time-saving features such as Sahara Clevertouch Pro with Clever Share, a USB plug-in module allowing fast connection to a laptop without the need for Wi-Fi or drivers.

This 86 page report examines the current state of interactive display market across 67 countries, exploring market segmentation, drivers and barriers as well as detailed 5 year forecasts.


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