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China Pro AV Collaborative Conference 2020

Following on from last year’s successful event, Futuresource were once again delighted to be joining this year’s LED China conference to discuss the next wave of innovation to impact the Pro AV market.

With a range of panel sessions and presentations planned, the event showcased our research across the entire global display and collaboration landscape, complimented by a range of high profile speakers from leading companies in the LED and collaboration eco-system including Intel, Novastar, Unilumin, Cisco and Huawei. Attendees received a range of insights at a component, technology, platform, manufacturing, vertical and end user level, providing a clear picture of current and future market dynamics.

Topics Addressed

  • The Converging World of IT and AV
  • Key Trends Shaping the Global Pro AV Market
  • How Digital Displays are Helping Mass Transit
  • The Major Technology Trends in MiniLED and MicroLED 
  • Next Generation LED Tech – Key Players and Implications
  • Future Display Technology Adoption and Complex Decision-Making
  • Collaboration: The Technology Revolution of Our Time
  • The Global Trends for Interactive Display Technologies
  • From Education to Corporate: Interactive Display Technology in China 
  • Collaborative Technology Growth and Supply Chain Opportunities

To view any of the sessions, please use the download button on the right.

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